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Tiger Pride

White Plains High Schoolio
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This is for people who not only live in White Plains, but attend(or have attended?) our High School!
You may wanta join white_plains for fun, or if you wont go to wphs, or whatever.
Im Sammy - but I got this idea from Gabby. lets give it a shot.

Post whatever you want here - really. we want to hear about semi-related communities, upcoming shows, school events, non-school events that school people are attending, non-school events that non-school people are attending....whatevs.

ok heres an idea of what i want to know about you when/if you post, its not mandatory, but i'll ask you anyway:
age/grade? or year of graduation?
what (if any) clubs youre in

ps feel free to suggest interests or stuff.
b-1, cheerleaders, claire, class of 07!, clubs, concert band, cooperative games and trust, dr allen, freshman, frosh, gsa, ivan toper, juniors, local bands, local shows, marching band, mr eckfeld, mr hauge, mr sanchez, mr tonissen, mrs tompkins, ms harrington, not homework, orange and black, senior courtyard, seniority, seniors, sophomores, student activites office, the band hallway, tiger pride, tigers, turkey bowl, wally, westchester, white plains, white plains high school, wp, wphc, wphs